Visit Our Showroom at Wiegmann Woodworking & Fireplaces in Damiansville ILWiegmann Woodworking & Fireplaces, Inc. is a family owned business.  After serving in the USN as a pipefitter/firefighter, Bobby unknowingly gained valuable training and knowledge that ultimately prepped him for an unexpected future in the fireplace business.  He worked in the corporate world for many years, always with a desire to own his own business.

In 1999, he finally decided, with a leap of faith, to quit his job and follow his dream by building projects in his garage.  His business continued to grow with additional opportunities to sell & service fireplaces, doors & trim.  The demands became so great that his wife, Teresa, left her teaching job to join him in their adventure. Together, along with good employees, family, friends, and a LOT of help from their three children, they eventually purchased their own building in 2007, in Damiansville, IL.

Their showroom has been a continuous “Labor of Love” and the Wiegmann’s enjoy the constant opportunities of keeping their products up-to date.  Woodworking has become a very small part of their business now, but the Fireplace, Door & Trim and Outdoor Living Entertainment areas continue to grow.

Sometimes our sales people need to visit jobsites firsthand.  Because of this, appointments are highly encouraged so that you can have the most knowledgeable person help with your specific needs.  However, everyone is welcome to come in at any time during business hours to browse around and look for new ideas both in the showroom and the expanding outdoor displays.

In addition to all the help they’ve received from family & friends, the Wiegmann’s want to thank all the people in the town of Damiansville, IL who have continually supported them through the years.